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The charming town of Dharamshala, located in the beautiful snowcapped mountains of Dhauladhar is the jewel of the mesmeric Kangra Valley. 

Set amidst indescribable beauty of nature, this topographical location makes Dharamshala famous for its spectacular splendor and also for its vibrancy of unique life. Not only does the awe-aspiring beauty leaves enthralled every visitor who comes here but the quaint village of McLeod Ganj lying in the upper reaches also houses one of the most spiritual leaders of the world - His Holines The Dalai Lama. His presence and the Tibetan population has made Dharamshala a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists.

To add glory to this kaleidoscopic town is the recently inaugurated Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. The venue is unique as it is the highest stadium in India. Situated at a height of 1,457 m 



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